Monthly Update | June 2021

Monthly Update | June 2021
💸 Solana Labs completes a $314 million funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz
🛠 13,000+ Builders, 350+ projects, and 39 winners in Solana Season Hackathon
📚Solana Developer Pathway is now live on Figment
🦑 The first Solana community Squid Prize
📊 Digital Assets AG launches free-floating tokenized stocks on Solana
🗺Mainstream consumer app,, to launch USDC-embedded finance app built on Solana
📺 Anatoly Yakovenko on-air with Mad Money's Jim Cramer
↔️ RenVM Integrates Solana for Interoperability
🥾CryptoKickers now live on Metaplex
💻 Solana ecosystem projects are hiring

💸 Solana Labs completes a $314m funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz

With the new resources, Solana Labs is ready to onboard a billion users into crypto. The private token sale of $314,159,265 was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital, with participation from 1kx, Alameda Research, Blockchange Ventures, CMS Holdings, Coinfund, CoinShares, Collab Currency, MGNR (Memetic Capital), Multicoin Capital, ParaFi Capital, Sino Global Capital, Jump Trading, and select individual investors like Boys Noize.

🛠 13,000+ Builders, 350+ projects and 39 winners in Solana Season hackathon

Over 13,000 builders registered for the hackathon and 350 teams submitted projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and beyond. The event also included additional regional tracks focused in East Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Africa, Vietnam, and Brazil.

The judges were extremely impressed with the quality and diversity of projects, and evaluated based on the following five categories: Functionality, potential impact, novelty, design/UX, and composability.

By the end of the judging process, a total of 39 standout projects were selected to receive a prize. However, the next 39 projects also showed tremendous potential, so make sure to check out their projects and plans.

📚Solana Pathway is live on Figment

Figment Learn is an education and onboarding platform for builders interested in Web3 development.
Tutorials about how to build on Solana can be completed seamlessly with DataHub, which provides easy access to the protocols via highly available full node infrastructure and a suite of middleware. The Solana Learn Pathway allows developers to earn SOL while gaining the knowledge they need.

🦑 Solana Foundation announced the first Squid Prize recipient

The Squid Prize is first ongoing community award for outstanding individual contribution to the Solana community – it's given to a community member who goes above and beyond. No surprise, it's named in honor of its first recipient @fordudesake. The Dude will also receive a grant of $6,000 USDC-SPL – in 6 months the torch will be passed to a new community member, after open nominations from the community.

📊 Digital Assets AG launches free-floating tokenized stocks on Solana

Buyers and sellers in permitted areas will be able to buy, sell, and withdraw 55 different free-floating stocks, including but not limited to some of the largest stocks in the market right now:

Facebook, Google, Netflix, Square and Tesla will be available with near-instantaneous settlement times and no counter-party risk in a 24/7/365 trading cycle.

Minted as SPL tokens, any centralized and decentralized exchanges built on Solana to add tokenized stock trading to their platform.

🗺Mainstream consumer app,, to launch USDC embedded finance app built on Solana will integrate support for USDC, which was developed by Circle and Coinbase, enabling a seamless consumer journey from using a credit card to purchase USDC to holding MAPS tokens within a Wallet.

The partnership between and Circle will open gates for 60m+ users to experience the benefits of using DeFi protocols on Solana.

📺 Anatoly Yakovenko on air with Jim Cramer

Anatoly Yakovenko explained Solana's plan to support 1 billion users on CNBC's Mad Money. Check out full interview here.

↔️ RenVM Integrates Solana for Interoperability

RenVM announced a direct bridge from native chains to Solana, thus allowing deposits/withdrawals to and from Solana with minimal fees. BTC, ZEC, BCH, and DOGE are supported initially. Ren will be working to ensure more assets are adopted throughout the entire Solana Ecosystem on various AMMs and lending platforms such as: Saber, Serum, Solaris, Step Finance, Anchor, Jet Protocol, Mango, Oxygen, Phantom Wallet, and more.

🥾CryptoKickers now live on Metaplex

Cryptokickers, one of the first projects build on Metaplex, announced Season 1 of Sole Selector. Now you can create, customize, and mint your one-of-one NFT sneakers. COPE, PythNetwork, Parrot, and hundreds of crypto enthusiasts have already created their own custom pair. Visit Cryptokickers to design your own.

💻 Solana Ecosystem projects are hiring

There are many new positions that have opened up across the Solana ecosystem. If you've gotten used to remote, want flexibility, and are looking for a full-time opportunity at Solana Labs or an ecosystem project, check out

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